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Work with external partners

Work with external partners

Enernite allows you to work with people outside your company. By moving projects out of emails, you can work securely and collaboratively with partners, vendors, or customers.

When you need to work as a group, you can create a project where teams from numerous companies can communicate. Here's what to keep in mind when using shared projects with Enernite:

  • To work in projects together, unlike others, each organization is not required to be using a paid Enernite plan.
  • Like other projects in Enernite, people can join a public project or be added to it by another member of their organization.
  • People from different companies working together in shared projects can all communicate together using the comment feature.
  • Individuals from the companies collaborating on a project will have the ability to access the project data.
  • Despite working on a shared project, the data within the workspace data is not being shared.

An organization either owns a project or is invited to one. Projects that were created in your workspace are owned by your organization.