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Parcel Search

Parcel Search

Search for parcels based on criteria like proximity to selected grid infrastructure, minimum lot size, etc.

1. Open the Parcel Search module

Navigate to the Analysis tab in Enernite, then click Parcel Search.

Spatial analysis

2. Draw an Area of Interest on your Map

Click on the Draw a shape button and draw an area of interest to perform the analysis within.

Area of Interest

3. Add Input Variables

Add input variables that impact the parcel search.

In the example below:

  • Size between 5 and 20 hectare.
  • Does not intersect with Protected Areas.
  • Within a distance of a substation of 10 km.

Input Variables

4. Results/Parcel Layer

Hitting the Run button on the parcel search pulls those parcels into the project as a data layer named Parcel Layer.