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Getting started

Getting started

Ready to start siting and analyzing constraints? Create a new project around your general site area. Projects make it simple to organize, track, and export your renewable siting data.

Create a New Project

Users can create and use projects in Enernite to organize data for a specific site. Think of a 'project' as a site area -- it could be a greenfield site around all substations in a given county OR it could represent a single parcel that you just want to analyze quickly (or anything in-between). Once you create a project, changes to the project are automatically saved (there's no 'save' buttons) and the project will be ready to go the next time you login.

Collaborating on a project with someone else? Invite them to the project and they'll be able to view the live project directly.

Add Project Details

Fill in basic details about your project:

  • Project name
  • Country
  • Description (optional)
  • Invite collaborators (optional)

Create Project